How it works

First, you will need to register as a writer at

A degree in any area of study is required for you to get approved as a writer with You previous experience in writing academic papers is a plus. To proof this we will need at least two writing samples from your previous work.

Secondly, after you have provided all the above information , allow us between 2 days and 2 weeks to hear from us regarding the status of your application. We need time to evaluate your suitability to work for us. During this time we shall be checking your academic qualifications, previous work experience, and English proficiency which are very fundamental to the success of any academic writer.

Thirdly, once we are convinced that your application is meets our expectations for you to write for us, we will approve your application and you will be notified accordingly through your email. You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how you can start working for us. Please note that it is one thing to be accepted as a writer with us and it is another for you do demonstrate the same level of competence by delivering stellar papers at all times. It is important that the quality of work is not compromised at all times for you to continue writing for us. It is our hope that we will build a mutual working relationship throughout the time you will be with us. We are here to help you enhance your writing career at the same time remunerating you for the work you deliver to us.